Natasha Walker

Natasha is a freelance writer completing her final year of a Masters degree in Professional Writing & Publishing. Her love of writing combined with her degree has ignited an intense interest in copy editing, and she hopes to one day put these skills and experience to use within a community-based nonprofit organisation writing and editing to her hearts content.

Natasha is currently employed with Curtin Careers team, enjoying the opportunity to assist her fellow students with their career development. When not at uni or work, Natasha enjoys a good apocalyptic book, of the audio variety, and finds it extremely hard to say no to reality TV no matter how bad.

In the summertime

December 7, 2022

Summer is here and uni is done for the year, so what are you going to do? Whether you are finished studying or returning in 2023, you need a plan. The next 12 weeks will pass quickly whether you do something or… Read More

The importance of experience

November 30, 2022

It’s no secret that having work experience is important – it’s highly valued by employers and can help you stand out from the crowd. Rather than worrying about not having any work experience, be… Read More

Are you interview ready?

November 21, 2022

The key to a great interview is preparation! Interviews can be nerve-wracking and daunting but, with the right preparation, you can overcome the challenges of even the toughest interview. According to the… Read More

What about your other job application documents?

November 17, 2022

Is your cover letter adaptable, relevant, and specific to each position you apply for? Are you writing powerful, evidence-based responses to selection criteria? The demand for skilled workers in Australia is… Read More

What does your resume say about you?

November 15, 2022

Does your resume effectively showcase your skills, knowledge, and experience to potential employers? According to current job market trends, work in Australia is becoming more skilled with around 90 percent… Read More

Brand ‘you’

November 2, 2022

Companies spend millions on branding, but you don’t have to! What you do need to spend is time and effort making sure your image truly represents you, is clear, and appeals to employers in your industry…. Read More

Impacting the future

September 21, 2021

As part of the recent Festival of Learning, Dr Alan McAlpine, Deputy Director Student Success, and Kat Clements, Lead Students as Partners, presented a Students as Partners (SaP) session. SaP is an… Read More

Professionally prepared

June 21, 2021

So, you’ve landed a job and are about to embark on the journey you’ve been preparing for since you enrolled in your course! Maybe you are about to start a graduate program, vacation work or an industry… Read More

Graduate early birds get their worm!

March 4, 2021

If you’re in your final year of study then, graduates-to-be, this article’s for you! Graduate programs can provide a unique experience, offering the chance to see multiple parts of a business while… Read More