The same but different

November 25, 2019

Bob Berrios-Garza shares his experience as an international student studying at Curtin. This is part two of his story: All of my worries and doubts about this experience dissipated very quickly once I… Read More

What’s On 25 – 29 November

November 25, 2019

Welcome to semester break ! Even though classes are done for the year, we’re still here with things happening. Earn While You learn has a heap of opportunities available at the moment, so today’s drop in… Read More

Cheers for volunteers

November 20, 2019

Curtin Volunteers! (CV!) is a student-based volunteering group providing eager Curtin students with rewarding volunteering opportunities all over Western Australia. CV! has successfully enriched the experiences… Read More

From US to Curtin

November 18, 2019

To celebrate International Students’ Day on Sunday 17 November, Bob Berrios-Garza shares his experience as an international student studying at Curtin. This is part one of his story: I chose to come to… Read More

What’s On 18 – 22 November

November 18, 2019

Hope exams are going well! Congrats if you’re all finished, and good luck if you’ve still got some to go. This week we’re particularly focused on helping you build the skills you’ll need to be competitive… Read More

You are your resume

November 15, 2019

Students come to see us about resumes. A lot! So, what’s the fuss? The Cambridge Dictionary defines a resume as simply:… Read More

Mindset of an entrepreneur

November 11, 2019

Congratulations to our up-and-coming entrepreneur, Jonathan Parkes! Jonathan is the winner of the Exploring Entrepreneurship Challenge, the prize being a full scholarship to the Centre for Entrepreneurial… Read More

What’s On 11 – 15 November

November 11, 2019

It’s the first week of exams so, of course, it’s perfect beach weather! Try not to get too distracted, exams are only for a couple of weeks and summer will be here soon. This week it’s really only drop-in… Read More

What’s On 4 – 8 November

November 1, 2019

Have you got your study week all planned? We know you’re going to busy so we’ve kept our events to a couple of sessions this week. Recruit Curtin Drop-in | Tuesday 5 November | Curtin Connect B102Find out… Read More

Positively organised

November 1, 2019

With only a few weeks left of semester, it’s time to knuckle down and keep the momentum going. But, if you’re anything like me, towards the end of semester, all motivation gets thrown out the window as you… Read More