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Our world is ready for a change – at least that much is clear. Alongside global warming, there’s food production, energy consumption, environmental sustainability and water conservation all to grapple with. And it doesn’t end there. In a few years, half of everyone on the planet will live in a city. That means we’ll need better transport systems, better security services, better infrastructure; better everything. That’s where you and IBM come in.

As the world’s largest technology and consulting company, we’re dedicated to using our scope and experience to make the world a better place. We’re working, all 434,000 of us, to build a smarter planet. Whether it’s using data analytics to help cure diseases, simulating traffic patterns to solve gridlock, or powering global computer networks to sustain water supplies, we’re using all of our resources to help build a smarter world.

Although our vision is attainable, the road to a smarter planet isn’t an easy one. We need people from all sorts of backgrounds to collaborate and help shape the future one project at time. So, whether you’re a Business graduate, an IT specialist or an Arts scholar, we want you. With disciplines ranging from marketing to technical support, human resources to financial consulting, all the way through to research and engineering, IBM holds great value in the diversity of its workforce.

In these pages you can find out more about our organisation, get a feel for the graduate program and connect with us via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Top Employability Skills:

  • Imitative & Enterprise
  • Problem Solving
  • Technology

Relevant Study Areas:

  • Arts
  • Actuarial Studies
  • Business/Commerce
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering (Electrical/Software/Computing)
  • Economics/Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Information Technology
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics and Statistics

Opportunities for Students/Graduates:

  • Graduate Programs/Employment
  • Vacation Programs/Internships
  • Postgraduate Employment
  • International Employment

Contact details for Students/Graduates: