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Liz Green

Liz Green is a Perth-based content creator and blogger, and a recent graduate of Curtin University. Her degree in Professional Writing and Publishing complements her twenty-plus years of writing and editing content from flyers to web pages to reports, across a range of business contexts.

While in her final year at uni, Liz completed a work placement in Curtin’s Careers, Employment & Leadership, which led to an ongoing role contributing to the Careers for Tomorrow blog. Her recent experience as a Uni student, combined with her years in the workforce, have given her insight into the challenges facing students as they prepare to enter the workplace.

Through her business, WhizBang Writing Solutions, Liz writes and edits content for solo operators and small businesses. She helps people that have fantastic products or services to offer, but who struggle to write about themselves objectively and professionally. Liz’s goal is to make them sound as good as they are, by finding the words that work for them.

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