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Virtual Recruitment

March 30, 2020 by Susan Surgener

Virtual Recruitment

It looks like now’s the time to get ready to embrace all sorts of newfangled technology.

For those of you who’ve been busy applying to join graduate programs in 2021, employers are letting us know that their current recruitment processes are changing.

And – the biggest change so far – no assessment centres or in-person interviews. It looks like these won’t be running any time soon.

This’ll be great news if you’re worried about being invited to in-person group assessment centres. Or just nervous about assessment centres full stop! However, don’t get too comfortable. Some organisations are currently looking into creating virtual assessment centres. We’ll keep you updated on what that might look like.

For the moment, we can tell you that the Australian Association of Graduate Employers recently surveyed 69 public and private sector organisations. All known for their graduate programs:

  • 70% are now working in teams one-on and one-off, similar to Curtin, or are working completely remotely.
  • Less than 5% have cancelled or postponed their graduate recruitment.
  • Around 20% have postponed or cancelled assessment centres, with 25% also postponing or cancelling in person interviews.
  • Almost 100% are changing recruitment practices to include new ways of connecting virtually.

So, there’s still lots to get your head around. We’ve got Hirevue, Veiple, Zoom, WebEx and good old Skype. But, there could be many other types of virtual meeting platforms to get to grips with!

To prepare, you might want to think about how you come across via technology. Take some time out, get selfie prepped, and start to get comfy and confident in this space.

We are also here to help and provide feedback. We’ll bring you some software reviews and extra tips soon. Watch this space!

Did you know, as a Curtin student, you have access to Vieple; a video interviewing platform that grad recruiters also use. You can do a trial run and submit your video for feedback and coaching tips.

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