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Ready for the real stuff?

March 3, 2020 by Susan Surgener

Ready for the real stuff?

What with getting organised for O Week/Week 1 and just getting back into uni in general, you might not have noticed graduate program applications are open.

Yes – they are OPEN NOW!

Three of The Big Four opened their applications in Orientation Week. KPMG were even earlier, opening the week before.

And, it’s not just the Financial Sector. Mining, Oil and Gas, Built Environment and other industries are currently advertising for fresh grads to start work next year.

Get it together
So, you might want to get organised even though the timing’s not great. Which – when you think about it – could be deliberate. Let’s face it, everybody wants to hire someone who’s on the ball and good at multi-tasking! Remember too, you may only get one chance a year to apply for grad programs.

If you’re in your 2nd year of undergrad – or 1st year of postgrad – some vacation programs are now open in tandem with the grad applications.

Pick me
What do you need to do to get selected for these coveted grad programs? What do these organisations want to know about you?

The answer would have to be, everything that’s relevant!

So, with that in mind, it really helps to know a great deal about them.

  1. Did you read the advertisement and application form carefully? Grad recruiters constantly tell us that the application form is the biggest culling stage! So, don’t rush, be thorough!
  2. Are you eligible?
  3. What roles are they offering?
  4. Where do you fit?
  5. Why would you want to work with them?
  6. Why would they want you?

There’s loads of information to be found via company websites and social media channels. Plus, many larger companies have resources dedicated to nurturing relationships with students. They might even be coming onto campus…

Want to meet employers? We can help. We will let you know what’s on each week, including employer events on campus.

We also have plenty of organisations coming to the 2020 Curtin Careers Fair on Wednesday 11 March. If you’re studying in Kalgoorlie, we have a record number of employers attending the Kalgoorlie Careers Fair on Wednesday 4 March.

To find out who’s hiring, check UniHub, GradConnection and SEEK – search term ‘graduate program’.

Need help with any stage of the application process? We can help here too. Check out our resources via UniHub or call into Curtin Connect B102 to see us between 10am and 1pm each weekday.


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