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This place is huge…

February 20, 2020 by Curtin CEL Team

This place is huge…

Now in their final year, Ebony Bryant and Shalinn Yeap reminisce about day one on campus, giving us their perspective.

When you first walk onto campus, it can look like one gigantic maze, and that can be intimidating. So here are some things to look out for – think of this as your own trail of breadcrumbs to help you find your way:

Curtin Connect B102
This is one of the first buildings that you’ll need to visit, for your student ID card and current student sticker. Curtin Connect is also the place to start if you’ve got any queries relating to accommodation, admissions, course information, credit for recognised learning (CRL), enrolments, exams, results and lost property – basically everything Curtin student related!
It’s also home to the Careers Cube, where you can get support and advice on all things related to your professional development.

The Guild B106F
Here’s where you’ll get your free Guild membership sticker (for those much needed discounts!). If you’re looking to make the most out of your uni experience, joining a club or participating in Guild activities is the perfect way to make new friends. The Guild is for the students, by the students, and they’re there to make your life at uni easier. We know visiting the Guild may be slightly intimidating, so, if you’re feeling a little shy, don’t stress, they’ve compiled a First Year Handbook to kick off your first year the right way!

The Library B105
Consider the library as HQ, the central hub for all your needs. Located in the middle of campus, this building not only provides a quiet place to study, but it is also home to the Bookmark Café and the beloved 50c donuts—only 40c for Guild members!

Grub and munchies
“Hey, do you want to meet at…”

  1. The Tav – the place to have a few drinks and unwind, with live entertainment, game nights, and music chosen by you.
  2. Angazi – located in the Business and Health Sciences Precinct, Angazi is famous for its fries.
  3. Vege Patch – down amongst Humanities, Vege Patch has a great selection of gluten free and vegan options.
  4. Basement Cafe – in the Engineering area and home to Queen Rina.
  5. Food Trucks – everywhere for all sorts of everything.

Perfect places to power nap
There are no rules when it comes to a quick nap to recharge. However, here’s a couple of places worth trying:

  1. The Hammock Hotel – while difficult to get out of, these hammocks are an excellent way to take a break. With two ‘hotels’ on campus, there are plenty of hammocks to go around.
  2. Sleeping Pods – located on the 3rd floor of the library, the two pods are said to be the best way to nap. They even have an in-built alarm so you don’t miss class! If you ever see a vacant pod, grab it – you don’t know when you’ll get another chance.

So, with these few key places in mind, we hope that you’ll know where to head on campus or, at the very least, know where you’re asking for directions to!

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