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Convince me in three…

January 24, 2020 by Susan Surgener

Convince me in three…

In three minutes, could you convince somebody that you:

  1. Know why you’re at uni?
  2. Know why you’re studying what you’re studying?
  3. Know what you’re pretty good at?
  4. Know where you’re heading when you graduate?

There’s nothing worse than being at an interview and freezing when asked about yourself. It can happen, so start thinking, planning and practising!

For anybody who’s been to interview, this exercise might be familiar. Combine the answers to the four simple questions above, and you’ll have the basis of a good response to those standard “tell me about yourself” interview questions.

So, tell me about yourself…

“Well, I am currently in my final year at uni studying (insert your course here). The reason I chose to study (again, insert your course here) was because I was really interested in/good at (insert your interest/strength here) when I was at school/college/work. I am looking to enter the field of (insert your chosen field here) as it fits with my studies, skills and personality. At uni, I have learned to (insert your learning here) and, through extra-curricular activities/related employment, developed my (insert your transferable skill here). I believe I can bring (insert your ability/strength/skill here) to this role/position/field… ”

The more you actually think about why you do what you do – the more convincing you will be. Try it out!

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