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Christmas markets and labour markets

December 16, 2019 by Susan Surgener

Christmas markets and labour markets

Yep, it’s that time of year again! The semester has ended and results are out. Summer is here and the festive season is ramping up.

If you’re coming back next year, Semester 1 2020 may seem eons away! Right now, you might be thinking there’s loads of time for hammock swinging and trawling the Christmas markets – in between any extra holiday casual work, of course!

Or, if you’re an international student or from beyond WA, you might be jetting home for a holiday and access to other exotic Christmas markets.

If your studies are complete and you’re not coming back, but you’re not in a grad job already, you might be thinking of waiting until after the festive season to tackle the job market.

But, take note – some of the bigger recruiters are now suggesting that the Christmas period job market time can be a missed opportunity when job seeking.

So, here’s some friendly end of year advice – don’t just switch off entirely. Put at least a little time aside to self-reflect and get to thinking about the labour market. You can easily do this on a plane, in a hammock, or manoeuvring the outdoor market scene!

If you do have some spare time around about this time of year, start looking at getting some things in order – before Christmas and before New Year!

These tips apply to anyone, regardless of what stage of study you’re at:

  1. Set aside some time for online job seeking
  2. Get to know your chosen field – skills, salaries, demand and trends. It’s changeable!
  3. Be aware of relevant jobs and any specific skills in demand
  4. Review and revamp your resume – target it to specific jobs/roles
  5. Let people know you’re in the market for gainful employment – reach out to existing and new contacts

If you haven’t even started on any of the above, Curtin students can access our online Challenge modules at any time. Start with ‘How do I get to know my industry?’ to get up to speed with the labour market.

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