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Cheers for volunteers

November 20, 2019 by Shalinn Yeap

Cheers for volunteers

Curtin Volunteers! (CV!) is a student-based volunteering group providing eager Curtin students with rewarding volunteering opportunities all over Western Australia. CV! has successfully enriched the experiences of Curtin students, and the community as a whole, for over 25 years.

Applications for JCW 2020 Interns and CV! Leadership Team now open. Who better to promote CV! than their committed volunteers? Here’s what just some of them had to say:

Rachael Parsons – 3rd year Nursing
Curtin Volunteer 2018/19, Project Leader and Program Leader

Seeing the difference that you make to community events, a lot of communities are understaffed in terms of local volunteers, and so they really appreciate having a bunch of new young people who are just willing to do anything to help out. So it really makes a difference to their day, it takes a load off the people who live there all the time.

In terms of programs, I’ve worked with a lot of high school kids and you get to see the weekly progression in their abilities. It might not seem like a lot at first, but it can mean a lot to them, and it’s really rewarding.

It might just seem like an extra thing that’s not compulsory. But it’s one of the best things I’ve done at uni. I’ve met so many people and I’ve just done a lot of things that I could have never thought of doing if I hadn’t joined. So, I say just do it as early as you can and get the most out of it. And it’ll be the best part of uni.

Callum Burgess – 5th year Mechanical Engineering and Management
Curtin Volunteer 2018/19, Program Leader, Bus Driver

The John Curtin Long Weekend was so much fun. You’re out in the country, you’re meeting really nice country people and you feel like you make more of an impact, compared to the programs that you do in the city.

You meet a lot of people that are not in your discipline, and you meet people that you would not have otherwise met. One of the best things about becoming a leader, specifically, is the leadership and interpersonal skills you build. You don’t even realise it until you think back to how you were before becoming a program or project leader.

CV! not only trains you before you take on a program but it also offers you other training and leadership opportunities throughout your time.

Just apply to Curtin Volunteers, it’s very worth it and it’s one of the best programs that Curtin offers.

Blake Charlton – 3rd year Mechanical Engineering
Curtin Volunteer 2017/19, Site Leader

The most rewarding thing is meeting a lot of new volunteers, who are like-minded people, getting to hang out at the sites with them, and doing all the fun activities they do for JCW.

I definitely recommend people to become a Curtin Volunteer, it’s heaps of fun. Being a part of CV! is an amazing experience, it’s a great way to meet like-minded people, and to have fun. It’s also something great to put on your resume as well.

Lucy Nyholt – 2nd year Mechanical Engineering and Finance
Curtin Volunteer 2018/19, John Curtin Weekend Leader

The best thing about Curtin Volunteers! is it gives you the chance to meet new people and gain new experiences. And, the most rewarding thing is, it allows you to do things that you wouldn’t do otherwise. I think that becoming a Curtin Volunteer is definitely worth a go!

Become a JCW 2020 Intern and you will have the opportunity for personal and professional growth, with support and mentoring provided throughout the project.

Join the CV! Leadership team to take your leadership skills to the next level. You’ll coordinate a group of volunteers, manage stakeholder relationships and ensure the smooth running of volunteer programs and projects.

Applications for both these opportunities close on Sunday 24 November 2019.


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