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Discovering opportunities in the public sector

October 30, 2019 by Curtin CEL Team

Discovering opportunities in the public sector

Earlier this semester we hosted a Careers in the Public Sector panel as part of the Careers For Tomorrow Festival. Dylan Potgieter, a 2nd year Bachelor of Science (Health Sciences) student, attended this event, and was generous enough to share his experience with us.

Careers in the Public Sector – why did you pick this event to go to?
I was hoping to get a better understanding of the current and future job market, and associated fields/aspects specific to my health degree, as it can be hard to find the relevant information. Seeing the diverse industry backgrounds of the panel of guests immediately sparked my interest.

What was your biggest discovery at this event?
The panel of guests spoke about sectors that I was not even aware of and, more specifically, sectors that I didn’t think my degree/education would be applicable to. Learning that my options weren’t as limited as I initially thought, and knowing that I wouldn’t have to battle for a limited amount of jobs, took a great deal of stress off my plate.

After the Q&A, with my questions thoroughly answered by the panel, I followed up on a recommendation from the them which is both specific to my degree as well as an area of interest.

What opportunities have you taken since?
Following up on the route and channels of contact suggested by the guest panel, I have been in frequent contact with a major Perth-based construction company. The company has agreed to take me on for an internship over the upcoming summer break, with the potential for an on-going placement with the company.

More recently I was awarded the role of Curtin Student Guild Safety & Health Representative, which is not only relevant to my future career, but also offers an amazing opportunity to work with and get to know the people of Curtin and the Curtin Student Guild.

What about your future plans?
My future plans include the continuation and completion of my Health Sciences degree at Curtin. During this time, I will hopefully continue my internship with the construction company in the Health and Safety sector, gaining industry knowledge and experience. Closer to the completion of my degree, I might consider doing further study (grad-dip) or, opportunity allowing, head straight into the ever-growing Health and Safety workforce.

And, of course, anything else you’d like to add?
Don’t disregard how potentially important events like this can be to your future. Meeting and networking with the guest speakers could be the difference between knowing you’re on the right road, taking the longer scenic route, or finding a newer road which you didn’t even know lead to your destination.

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