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Getting comfortable with change

October 19, 2017 by Liz Green

Getting comfortable with change

How comfortable are you with change? Do you find some changes easier to accept than others? With technology advancing at a fast pace, and disruptive innovation occurring across different areas of business, change has become a normal part of life.

Social media users regularly have to contend with sudden changes to algorithms, and frequent tweaks to the terms and conditions. But here you have options. If you strongly object to the changes, you can drop the app and try something else.

Sometimes changes are simply announced, and you have to embrace them. Whether it’s adopting a different process to get your student card at uni, or learning to use new software at work, it can be frustrating if you don’t know why the change is necessary.

Either way, changes – big or small – are easier for some people than others.

If you feel uncomfortable or anxious when you hear about a change coming your way, it’s a good idea to ask yourself why and identify your barriers to the change. You’ll soon discover if you’re rejecting a particular proposal on its merits, or just resisting the idea of change.

Gaining insight into the process of making and accepting change can help you improve your attitude to change and respond to it differently.

So why not choose to make a change of your own, and take advantage of our Making Change workshop? If you’re not on campus, you can complete an online module on Curtin Challenge at any time.

Either way, you’ll learn how to develop essential strategies to handle, accept and even drive change more easily.

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