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Leadership skills for the reluctant leader

September 27, 2017 by Liz Green

Leadership skills for the reluctant leader

Are you a reluctant leader? Do you look away when your tutor asks people to head up a study group or manage a project? Yet, despite not seeking out the leadership role, you somehow always step up when your team hits a bump in the road.

Maybe as you start to work with a new group, you can see it lacks direction. You don’t want the project or assignment to end in disaster, so you suggest some task allocations, organise a few meetings, and before you know it, you’re unofficially leading the group.

If this keeps happening, you probably already have some leadership skills that you’ve picked up along the way at school, through your family life, or by participating in a sports team or a club.

Perhaps your perception of leadership doesn’t match up with how you see yourself. Maybe you don’t like being the centre of attention, or you’re not sure you want to have the responsibility of directing and guiding other people.

These are all valid concerns, but by exploring your idea of leadership vs. the actual skills and aptitudes that make outstanding leaders, you might discover that rather than being a reluctant leader, you’re simply a hesitant one.

Participating in activities designed to develop leadership skills can help you learn what’s holding you back from embracing your inner leader. You’ll discover the strengths and weaknesses of your skill set and learn which areas you need to develop.

We are finishing the year off strong with Curtin Leaders Program workshops on Public Speaking, Conflict Management, Understanding Culture and Making Change…all skills you will need to hone those leadership skills. Before you know it, you’ll be fielding those requests to head up a project into opportunities to practice what you’ve learnt.

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