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Changing degree direction?

August 17, 2017 by Susan Surgener

Changing degree direction?

If you’re thinking right now that you might not be on your best career path, it’s important to know the census date is looming. Don’t know about the Census Date? It’s usually the last day of Week 4 and it’s the last chance to withdraw from units without being charged for the course.

Plenty of students in the early stages of a new degree may decide that the degree they are doing is not quite what they thought it would be. Others might go for a year, or sometimes even longer, and then rethink their options.

If you are not passionate about your current degree, this can affect your:

  • Grades; employers like to see that you can at least maintain a higher credit average
  • Ability to market your interest in your field to employers
  • Motivation to do more with your degree e.g. seeking work experience
  • Wellbeing and enjoyment of university.

If you think that your current degree choice is not working, take some time to do some self-exploration. Just because you are not sitting pretty with one degree does not mean that a better degree fit is not out there for you.

Sometimes you might just find that you are actually in the right degree, you just haven’t quite clicked with it yet.

Try out some of our Explore modules, do some extra free online testing e.g. What Career is Right for Me? (US site so needs to be combined with Job Outlook for Aussie Occupation info) or talk to student club members connected to other fields of interest.

Prefer to talk through where you’re at? Come to a drop-in session in Building 101 and speak to a Careers Officer and a more in-depth appointment can be made for you to explore all options.

Note: International students need to keep to a full-time load of units and those on Centrelink need to be doing at least three units. You might not be able to change enrolment so early in a semester but you can still plan for the next semester or the next year and apply to make changes before then.

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