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Boost your employability

May 1, 2017 by Hana Woolerson

Boost your employability

More and more often these days, our degrees aren’t necessarily taking us down a straightforward career path. This may be due to the current job market, the type of course you are studying or a personal preference as you get further into your degree and realise you can’t think of anything worse than dealing with office politics/teaching those snotty kids/working away from home.

And that’s ok! Life is not straightforward, so why would your career be? However, it does help to have a clear understanding of the employability skills you have inevitably accumulated along the way so if you do take a sharp left along your career path, you can successfully market yourself and try something new.

Our Employability Program is a great way to boost your employability skills while you are still at uni. You’ll gain skills and knowledge that will help you plan your career, learn decision making strategies and more easily transition into the workplace upon graduation. Importantly, you’ll gain official recognition of your achievement via the Curtin Extra Certificate, a second transcript awarded when you graduate.

As part of the Employability Program, you will need to complete five career development modules, with the only compulsory module being Workplace Rights and Responsibilities. These can be completed online through Curtin Challenge or face-to-face in a Career Skills Development workshop.

You will also be asked to submit your resume for review, complete at least 37.5 hours of a self-sourced industry experience – you can combine volunteering, work experience and paid work – and complete an online interview

The Employability Program will help you to put some structure and accountability around skills that will help you as you come towards the end of degree and need to think about ‘what’s next!?’. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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