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Industry Mentors: Partners for Professional Growth

February 11, 2016 by Liz Green

Industry Mentors: Partners for Professional Growth

If you’re beginning the second or third year of your degree next month, chances are you’ve already got at least one eye on life after uni. Whatever your chosen career, a great way to prepare for the sometimes daunting transition from student to professional, is to work with a mentor.

Even hugely successful creative artists like Jay-Z, and Jennifer Lawrence, have attributed their mentors with helping them hone their skills and achieve their career goals. Likewise, elite athletes never stop consulting with their coaches, regardless of how successful they become.

When you look at your life and consider the many times you’ve learnt a new skill, from tying your shoelaces to riding a bike or writing academic essays, you probably received guidance, influence or tuition from someone else. So, why not continue with this approach when it comes to your career?

Having an industry mentor gives you access to a valuable source of experience; knowledge; and advice that, in combination with your degree, will help to successfully launch you into your chosen field.

Curtin’s NEXT STEP: Industry Mentoring program participant, Alyson Chin shared her experience: “It was wonderful. My mentor exceeded my expectations in the help and advice he provided, with his willingness to find ways to assist my understanding of future career paths, and introduce me to people in the field.”

Below are some of the many other benefits you can expect when you start working with a mentor:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Help to discover your full potential and how to reach it
  • Access to both historical and current industry knowledge
  • New ways to use feedback as a tool for improvement
  • A fresh and honest perspective on problem-solving
  • Access to new industry contacts

Interested in getting an industry mentor? Find out more about Curtin’s 2016 NEXT STEP: Industry Mentoring program.

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