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Jet-Setters: Travel is all part of the journey…

December 9, 2015 by Liz Green

Jet-Setters: Travel is all part of the journey…

Once exams are over and final assignments are submitted, the Jet-Setter views overseas travel as a rite of passage.

Everyone has different reasons for where they want to go, and why. Even if you see your trip as an opportunity to take a well earned break and completely disconnect from the years of study you’ve just completed, you’ll be unwittingly developing attributes that will increase your value as a professional.

Whether it’s Paris for art and culture or Queenstown for adrenaline-fuelled adventures, the Jet-Setter is constantly negotiating the unknown. In doing so, you’re building skills and resilience that are invaluable.

When you begin your transition into a Job Hunter, you can use your globetrotting experience to demonstrate the many reasons you’ll succeed in the workplace:

  1. Organisational Skills & Planning
    You started out with a set of goals, a budget, and a timeline. You planned your trip around these constraints. Even if some of the execution failed, you’ll have learnt the importance of contingency plans, communication, and sound time and money management.
  2. Teamwork
    You collaborated with others to organise a trip that met everyone’s requirements. Then you travelled, ate, and slept with the same people for weeks, or months on end – teamwork is clearly one of your strengths. Consider the communication skills required to ensure things ran smoothly – understanding different communication styles, negotiation… And maybe even conflict management… If you travelled solo for at least part of your trip, you’ve also demonstrated that you can think and act independently when required.
  3. Adaptability & Resilience
    Your travel plans were probably derailed at least once – perhaps an online booking wasn’t received, or your flight was delayed. You’ll have learnt that meltdowns are rarely helpful! But thinking on your feet, adapting your plans, and coping with the disruption, shows your ability to accept and manage change – however last minute – and strengthens your inner resilience.
  4. Networking
    Whenever you visited a new place, or made new friends, you expanded your network of contacts and learnt more about diverse lifestyles, attitudes, and cultural practices from around the world. You’ll fit easily into a multi-cultural workplace and, as your fellow jet-setters begin their careers, your network will include global connections.

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