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Which grad are you?

November 16, 2015 by Curtin CEL Team

Which grad are you?

Upon graduation, most students will fall into one of five mindsets, which shapes how they approach the weeks and months following the completion of their degree. All mindsets are completely valid. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share advice on how to navigate where you’re at and how to keep building your career in the long run.

So, where are you at?

If you can’t wait to get paid a full time wage, you’re craving the opportunity to actually use everything you’ve learnt and you’re excited to join a professional workplace and progress your career, you’re the Job Hunter. You never pictured yourself wanting this… But after years of assignments, juggling study and part-time work and constantly checking your bank account – nothing looks better than a 9-5 role.

There’s different reasons you may fit into mindset 2… You loved your degree and now want to specialise or gain further knowledge? Or maybe you want to change direction slightly and have found the course to do it? Not quite feeling ready to leave uni and enter the workforce? Checked out job prospects and think you’ll be a more competitive candidate if you continue your studies? If this is you, you’re the Soon-to-be Postgrad.

Freedom and adventure can’t come soon enough. It’s highly likely you’ve been saving everything you can and you’re ready for a change of scenery. Maybe you’re not sure what your next career move is and this is the perfect opportunity to take some time to think. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to work overseas and you now have the degree to do it. Well, bon voyage, you’re our Jet-Setter.

None of the above connecting with you? Not sure what to do with your degree? Have you had a change of heart and you’re no longer interested in the direction your course was taking you? Or possibly you’re just overwhelmed with all the options and decisions that now lie ahead. You’re a Wanderer. But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom, there are plenty of ways to put wandering to good use.

Our final mindset is characterised by passion, drive and enthusiasm. You’ve got an idea and you’re confident you can go it alone. Many people in this position are excited about the prospect of an element of risk and uncertainty – the pay off is freedom and opportunity. Flexibility and no boss, are a bonus… You’re the Entrepreneur.


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