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What’s Next? Entrepreneurship

March 16, 2015 by Curtin CEL Team

What’s Next? Entrepreneurship

Interested in the path less traveled? Traditional definitions of entrepreneurship describe it as “organising and managing any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” (Merriam-Webster) However entrepreneurship is a more dynamic concept than this. Entrepreneurs are opportunists, forward-thinkers and problem solvers. Whether you’re an employee or a business starter, an entrepreneurial spirit will make you an incredibly valuable and competitive entity.

Entrepreneurship is considered to be one of the most powerful drivers of innovation, growth and prosperity in the modern global economy. (Entrepreneurship and Small Business 2013) In essence, an entrepreneurial approach is about seeking innovation and being an agent of change to create value for society. On a more personal note, entrepreneurs are usually easily identifiable due to their drive, passion, creativity, courage and willingness to take risks.

These characteristics can be applied to a diverse range of entrepreneurial activities that extend beyond being a self-employed small business owner. Entrepreneurial activities can be realised through different approaches including:

  • Starting Your Own Business/Venture – this is considered a more “traditional” entrepreneurial approach
  • Self-Employment – here, the main motivation is a desire to be your own boss and pursue your passion (with less interest in innovation or growth)
  • Buying a Franchise – similar to starting your own business, but in most cases a tried and trusted product/service, where the franchisee has bought the rights to market and distribute the franchisors goods and/or services and to use the business name/brand
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship or ‘Intrapreneurship’ – individuals or small groups who drive initiatives focusing on innovation and creativity, to transform an idea into a profitable venture, while operating within the organisational environment
  • Social Entrepreneurship – whilst not mutually exclusive to other entrepreneurial approaches, this primarily focuses on creating sustainable (or portions of existing) charities/not for profit organisations, that are driven by the mission to create positive change through addressing social, cultural and/or environmental issues.

Entrepreneurial people come from a diverse range of educational backgrounds and often have an eclectic combination of educational, life and work experiences that have all be fundamental in shaping their journey and entrepreneurial capacity. So what can you do to enhance your success as an entrepreneur? Here’s a start…

Study Entrepreneurship at Curtin
Curtin’s Entrepreneurship major provides an opportunity to diversify your business acumen, commercial awareness and entrepreneurial thinking skills. A major in entrepreneurship is complementary to many other disciplines both in and outside of commerce. For students looking to apply for employment, having a holistic perspective of business operations is an attractive quality to potential employers.

Develop & Launch Your Startup Idea with Curtin Growth Ignition
Ignition is a five and a half day intensive program which prepares you for taking your idea to the business world. The program is comprised of a blend of practical teaching sessions, expert clinics, mentor sessions and experienced advice and support from leading entrepreneurs and innovators. Ignition 2015 starts Sunday 23rd August and culminates on Friday 28th August with a celebration dinner.

Take on a Leadership Role
Leadership roles enable you to drive change and innovation. Whether it be within a student club, participating in the John Curtin Leadership Academy or with Curtin Volunteers!, these co-curricular activities will provide you with the grounding to implement your entrepreneurial thinking skills for social, cultural and/or environmental good.

Explore What’s Involved in Starting Your Own Business
The legal and financial ramifications of starting your own business can be tough to navigate. The Western Australian Government have developed a comprehensive site to assist in assessing feasibility, planning and bringing your idea to fruition.

Join or Visit Spacecubed
Spacecubed is a network of Coworking, Collaboration and Innovation Spaces and Communities across Western Australia. These spaces have been co-designed with the communities that use them, with a mix of Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Changemakers who want to get their idea off the ground. To reduce this barrier it offers a range of work spaces, meeting rooms, events and collaboration opportunities.

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