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A Typical Work Day – Social Communications & Graphic Design

March 26, 2015 by Curtin CEL Team

A Typical Work Day – Social Communications & Graphic Design

We’ve been lucky enough to get all sorts of advice from Jordan Lomax. Here, she gives us a rundown of how a typical day looks within her role at OMD Australia (based in Sydney).

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Morning – 9:00 am start
I start my day off by checking all of my clients’ social media accounts. I look on Twitter and Facebook for any complaints, questions, messages or posts that need replying to and do whatever is needed to answer all of them. I am responsible for social communications and designing for Bose, Tourism Australia and Shopbop. However, being the only graphic designer in our department, I also do the designs for McDonalds, PlayStation and CISCO.

Once I have looked after social media management, I create content for clients. Most clients need at least one or two content pieces created each day. Social media is very fast paced and you are expected to be able to think quickly and jump on trending topics. Because of this, I normally spend the first part of the morning researching news and content leads. This assists me in developing client content for posts throughout the day or for scheduled posts possibly planned a month in advance.

A lot of the time we go out for lunch as a team, or have a guest speaker in at lunch. Representatives from Spotify, Facebook and Shazaam have been the most recent visitors.

In the afternoon I normally complete anything that is needed for other clients. At the moment I am creating graphics for PlayStation’s new website, as well as constantly checking social media accounts for anything new that comes in.

Every week or two there are also competitions running, when they end I go through all the entries submitted on social media and pick the winners.

The Difference between Uni and Work
Something that you learn very quickly, is that the realities of work are very different from uni. For example, you don’t get a few weeks to turn around an assignment, you’re lucky to get an hour or two.

I absolutely love my job and it is a great balance between being strategic and business minded, as well as being able to have fun and be creative. Every day is different and working with social media means you’re constantly challenged and doing something new, which is awesome!

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