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Graduate Opportunities with the Commonwealth Bank

March 9, 2015 by Curtin CEL Team

Graduate Opportunities with the Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank is Australia’s leading provider of integrated financial services and the most recognised brand in the Australian financial services industry. The organisation’s 52,000 people are able to bring their different backgrounds and unique perspectives to a collaborative environment, and are supported to share ideas, initiatives, talent and energy – making a positive impact on colleagues, customers and the business. Here, we chat to Elyssa Berney about some key areas affecting grads.

Keeping up with industry trends…

The financial services industry is changing rapidly with disruptive technologies, heightened regulatory scrutiny, and a focus on innovative customer solutions all recently coming to the fore. To be responsive and to prepare well for the recruitment process, students should be aware of how much change is happening in the industry and what that might mean in terms of their careers. Thinking broadly about how their skills and interests might fit into such an evolving industry is key. Some jobs that people will be doing in 5 years time are probably not even ones that we’re aware of yet, so being open to new possibilities and willing to step outside your comfort zone is important.

Graduate skills…

There are two gaps that I really notice amongst new graduates. One is their ability to effectively influence others in their communication styles. This is a hard one because good communication skills develop with time and experience but it is something students should be aware of. The other is around their ability to critically think about problems and figure out how to solve them for themselves without a first response being to ask someone else to guide them to the answer. This can show a lack of initiative as well as an unwillingness to take themselves outside of their comfort zone which is something that we’re keen to see as I’ve highlighted above.

Getting the most out of Graduate & Summer Intern programs…

Say yes to every opportunity that is thrown your way – you never know where it will take you. Also be prepared to get out there and network. I often tell graduates and interns to use their title to their advantage as most people are usually prepared to sit down for a chat and a coffee to provide some advice and talk about their career paths.

Successful graduates or interns show us that they are proactive and willing to drive their own careers. They’re also the ones who are prepared to speak up and suggest new ways of doing things. After all, that is one of the reasons we hire graduates and interns in the first place! They provide a fresh set of eyes to challenge our existing practices and drive us to continuously improve what we do.



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