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10 Steps to Progressing Your Marketing Career

March 27, 2015 by Curtin CEL Team

10 Steps to Progressing Your Marketing Career

Committed to thriving in your industry? Ty Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer at Curtin University, gives his advice on how to get ahead…

  1. Be a ‘yes’ person, not a ‘no’ person; especially early in your career. Managers love enthusiastic staff who can get things done.
  2. Never stop learning – it’s an ever-changing industry so find the tools and techniques that work for you to stay up-to-speed.
  3. Decide if you want to be a generalist or a specialist and then continue to up-skill and gain experience to further your career.
  4. Understand that management is not for everyone – some staff members just love doing what they’re great at and that is absolutely fine.
  5. Speak to your manager about your career aspirations and goals and create a development plan.
  6. Experiment – try agency side and client side and aim to get some strong brands on your CV.
  7. When you get to the stage where you have the luxury of choice, then choose a brand or product that matters to you and target that company or industry.
  8. Every now and then, make sure that your ladder is leaning against the right wall. If you’ve stopped learning or developing at your current workplace or if you can’t see what that next opportunity is, don’t be scared to look elsewhere. Have a discussion with your manager.
  9. Continue to build your internal and external networks and never burn bridges with previous employers.
  10. Perform. At the end of the day, employers reward and promote staff that consistently perform at a high level. So know what the targets are, stay focused and help your department and company and/or clients achieve their goals.


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