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Resume 101

August 4, 2014 by Curtin CEL Team

Resume 101

The Work Ready Careers Fair offers the opportunity to get your resume reviewed in person, not only by professional career consultants but also by employers and recruitment professionals.

So… Don’t forget to bring a copy of your resume, but you’ll get the most from it if you do a bit of resume prep first.

Don’t waste your resume review time on silly errors, address these common problems before you come along, then we can get to the good stuff:

  1. First impressions count. Use a clear, easy to read font; use white space to avoid it looking cluttered; and embrace headings to navigate the reader.
  2. Make it as concise as possible. Get the most relevant and powerful information at the start of your resume and avoid long paragraphs – dot points are your friend!
  3. Spellcheck. And maybe spellcheck again…
  4. Tailor it for the specific job. Unfortunately the same resume for each application just won’t do. Think about what the job and organisation require and make your resume reflect that.
  5. Use evidence wherever you can. Saying you have great communication skills doesn’t really cut it… Try to include evidence like, ‘During my time with Star Agency I utilised my online writing skills to develop engaging content which grew online communities by an average of 70%.’

Up for a bit of homework?


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